From water walls to indoor and outdoor features


The ART of Water


Water features are crafted into various indoor and outdoor settings, including but not limited to homes; gardens; showrooms; beauty and hair salons; wellness clinics; reception areas; hotel entrances; airport décor; corporate and board room branding and as room dividers.

Liquid Design also offers features for rental which are used at temporary events such as exhibitions and weddings.


Our Experience

Liquid Design has, since 2005, had extensive experience in delivering a wide range of water features incorporating waterfalls; glass balls; water bells; foam nozzles; letterbox spouts and jets of various kinds. To this list one can add bubble tubes; string water curtains; artwork walls; stepped water features and more. A wide variety of garden fountains and koi ponds (some with Koi/glass window in the side walls) have also been completed. Sandblasting and painting are used to include messages and designs on the water features (mainly water walls).


Liquid Design operates throughout Africa

Liquid Design has serviced clients in Ghana, DRC, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Swaziland.


Water Walls

Water walls feature prominently in our gallery and involve running water over a panel such as glass; mirror; stainless steel or tiles. Water walls are very versatile, easily assembled and most are readily transportable. While most are used indoors, many are used in outdoor settings. The frames, tanks and top covers are usually made from stainless steel and are rust proof in all applications. The stainless steel can be powder coated to a different colour.


Indicative Pricing
June 2024 (VAT inclusive)

Two types of water features are offered – Custom Made and Off the Shelf.


Custom Made

Water Wall: compromising tank; frame; top cover; (with either glass or mirror panel), plus installation in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area with a one year guarantee would start at around R40,000.

Glass balls: A medium sized ball on a dish and stand, with light and pump, would sell for around R25,000 – excluding the basin.

Wing fountains: Two wing fountains with lights and pump would cost R21,000 excluding the basin.

String water curtain: A 1m wide and 2.5m high unit including a tank would cost R49 000.

Other features: Prices will depend on the design and size of the unit.

Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf prices are much lower than the Custom Made as these items are factory made but come in limited fixed sizes.