Indoor Water Features Johannesburg



Water Walls: A standard water wall compromising tank, frame, top cover, installation in the Johannesburg Pretoria area and a 1 year guarantee would start at around R30 000 incl VAT

Glass balls on stainless steel dishes: A medium sized ball on a dish with light and pump, would sell for R15,000 including VAT but excluding the basin.

Other features: Prices will depend on the design and size of the unit.


E n t r a n c e   h a l l s ,   r e c e p t i o n   a r e a s ,   a t r i u m s ,   p a t i o s ,   d o u b l e   v o l u m e   a r e a s

Whether these indoor fountains are subtle background features that blend with the surrounding design or are much stronger personal statements, an indoor water feature will enhance the home.

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