Water Features Suppliers

Liquid Design is a well-established and highly regarded designer, fabricator and installer of fountains and water features. Maintenance of features is also offered and a number of our clients make use of this service.

Over the last 10 years a number of innovations have been introduced and we continue to explore new and better ways of designing and implementing water features.

Most of our Clients are in the Johannesburg / Pretoria area, but work has been done throughout South Africa as well as in other parts of Africa, namely Ghana, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia & Kenya. We will shortly be doing an installation in Tanzania.

All the specifications (pumps, lights, filters, nozzles, etc.) and all the installations are by Liquid Design. Clients, Architects, Interior Designers and Landscapers have played a key role in the design of a number of features.

Water walls (also known as Water curtains or wall fountains) feature prominently in our gallery and involve running water over a panel such as glass, mirror, stainless steel or tiles. Water walls are very versatile, easily assembled and readily transportable. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The frames, tanks and top covers are usually made from stainless steel which ca be powder coated to a different colour.


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